Connie Golas

Board Member

Highlands Ranch, CO

Connie Golas, CAPT, US Public Health Service (Retired), is a 1969 graduate of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing. She served 14 years in the US Army Nurse Corp, serving as a registered nurse in pediatrics and Army Health Nursing before completing her Masters Degree in Maternal-Child Nursing and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate at the University of CO in 1973. She has enjoyed a variety of nursing positions: in the neonatal ICU, as an instructor for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner course at Fitzsimmons AMC and 91 Bravo Army medical corpsmen. Special TDY assignments included emergency medical relief after the Manaugua, Nicaragua, earthquake and at the Indiantown Gap Vietnamese Resettlement. She secured a branch transfer in 1977 into the US PHS and worked as a public health nurse and nurse practitioner in the Indian Health Service in Miami, OK, and later in Ferndale, WA. In 1984, she was transferred to the SeaMar Migrant Community Health Centers and provided primary care to the indigent, migrant and homeless communities in Bellingham, WA. She retired in 1993 as a US PHS CAPT after a total of 28 years active duty service.

She spent the first six years of her retirement sailing a 42’ ketch from Bellingham, WA, to Turkey via Mexico and the South Pacific. Connie has enjoyed a wide variety of nursing opportunities including being a triage nurse in a geriatric clinic, an international medical volunteer in Banda Ache, Indonesia after the tsunami in 2004 and also in Lafayette and Monroe, LA, as a nurse volunteer for medically disabled hurricane victims. She also was staff for a Robert Woods Johnson Pursuing Perfection grant. She established Savvy Traveler Nurse Escorts, a company which, from 2011-2017, helped move medically fragile and dementia patients across states to be closer to family. She is active in the Highlands Ranch Rotary, serving as President from 2018-19.

Connie now lives in Highlands Ranch, CO, near her daughter Erin and her husband Shawn Williams and her four grandchildren.