Bonfire #103

SETX Pig Hunt

January 29 - February 1st, 2021

Triple D Ranch

Warren, TX

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This is the place to be if you’re looking for a true Southeast Texas Pig Hunt with good Americans that want to give back! North of Beaumont, TX where the pigs run wild, you will head out with professional guides and dogs to track and trap wild boar. Good food, lodging and the best camaraderie you could hope for in Texas!

This environment will offer a prime opportunity to connect with other veterans experiencing similar challenges and allow you to broaden your network of support. 

This event is open to 6 Purple Hearts – Lodging, travel, food, and activities are at no expense to the warrior – Warrior Bonfire ALUMNI ONLY – Event dates include travel days

Request to Attend Below – Interview is conducted prior to invitation and selection – If selected you will need to provide a copy of your drivers’ license, VA Rating letter, hunters ed # with state, & ssn (if you do not have a Texas super combo license 2021 already)

Request to Attend this Bonfire Retreat

COVID Disclaimer: In an effort to reduce the risk of spreading COVID, WBP requests that attendees make best effort to limit exposure to possible threats for 14 days prior to the event. Travel for a Bonfire Retreat involves risk of COVID and responsibility is solely on the attending participants.