Bonfire #152

Blast & Cast - ALUMNI ONLY

February 16 - 20th, 2023

Port O'Conner, TX

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Intensity Level – Medium

Texas Pig Hunt & Shark Fishing

Warrior Bonfire ALUMNI ONLY

In partnership with The Barn Group Land Company we will put you on some wild pigs in southeast Texas with this rifle hunt and then out on the water on a mission for a huge shark! We know this will fill up fast but remember, it is about camaraderie, the outdoors, and wellness!

This event is open to 6 Purple Hearts – Lodging, travel, food, and activities are at no expense to the warrior – Event dates include travel days – Request to Attend Below

Warrior Bonfire ALUMNI ONLY

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When registering for a trip please keep in mind that airfare is extremely expensive and, if chosen for this Bonfire trip, we ask that you do everything in your power to attend the event. Last minute cancellations are not refundable and credits must be used within the year. Wasted funds hurt the entire program. This may impact your ability to fly for future Bonfire events. Thank you.