Are you a Veteran Struggling to Sleep?


December 13, 2018


Although sleeping in a hammock by a rushing stream is relaxing and awesome, it’s not really practical for every night and is bad for the back. Sleep disorders among veterans is very common and the more you learn exactly where your issues lie you can begin to discover targeted treatment options to achieve a better nights sleep. Over 74% of the veteran community have reported having difficulty sleeping and that percentage is higher among those with TBI’s and PTS(d).  A lack of sleep can lead to numerous other health issues creating a domino effect with  catastrophic outcomes, depression and suicide being among those. Take the time to focus on learning more and trying some new techniques for better sleep by reading Common Sleep Disorders in Veterans and How Does Trauma Affect Sleep?

Everyday at the Warrior Bonfire Program along with many other Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) similar to us, are working diligently to lower the rate of suicides among our nations service members. Please share to help us spread information that will better their lives. It’s the least we can do to repay our gratitude for signing the blank check with their lives.

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