Collateral Goodness From Warrior Bonfire

Staff Writer Helen Phillips

October 30, 2019

Our donors and sponsors that have the opportunity to host a Bonfire Retreat often are always left with a greater understanding of what our men and women who have shed blood at the hand of the enemy, go through on their return home. We wanted to share a letter sent from the family that allowed our veterans to stay at their ranch in South Dakota this past spring and take part in a community-wide cattle branding day at Majestic Ranch. Their young son Taos was competing in bull riding on that same weekend and the group wanted to go watch and cheer him on. Of course, this made a great impact on all involved and this is what we mean by “Collateral Goodness”! The goodness that happens all around when civilians and military come together for a greater good! We learn from each other and healing for all begins!