Cultivating Camaraderie

WBP Purple Heart Leader Brian Boone

October 8, 2023

August 2023 the Warrior Bonfire Program conducted Bonfire Adventure #168 in Boston for Purple Heart and combat wounded veterans to experience a Boston Red Sox game as VIP’s, visit historic Boston sites, museums, and absorb the healing powers of a session in a Native American Sweat Lodge. “We believe placing veterans in historic, traditional and cultural environments, cultivate camaraderie as well as a reminder of pride and purpose of their military service. This generates conversations and connectiveness,” stats Warrior Bonfire VP Helen Phillips.

Lance Mullet, army veteran attendee, was asked what was his most memorable experience on the event; “The entire Boston trip was memorable and impactful but firing the canon on the USS Constitution, I can’t tell you how much of a treat that was for this salty old artilleryman! I also can’t leave out the Fenway Experience, even if you’re not a Red Sox fan, I think anyone who gets the opportunity should experience a Red Sox game with Harry & Donna of A Suite For Harry’s Hero organization. The Tea Party Museum, Pequot Museum, the sweat Lodge with Charlie, and the brotherhood from the fellas were all just as memorable and impactful as everything else. Camp Nett in the rain turned into a fun time with this group of guys as well! Good food was shared, and good memories were made. Feeling like a member of a team again was a welcomed surprise!”

Todd Bamford another Army veteran who was asked how he felt regarding the trip: “I would have to say one of the most impactful moments of the Warrior Bonfire event in Boston was the ability for everyone to feel not only comfortable, but feel as if we’ve known each other longer then just meeting each other for the first time. That comfort feeling or that camaraderie that we felt, it was something that a lot of us are missing in our lives from our time in uniform. It makes it easier when you’ve built that bond together and you’re able to open up with with others and then realized at the same time that we’re all the same even though everyone’s situation may have been different, but we share similar struggles. I felt completely comfortable at this event and at no time did ever feel that it wasn’t organized or felt out of place. It honestly happens to be one of the best, if not the best event, I’ve actually been on with any of the different veterans or veterans group that I’ve been honored in attending. I can’t say enough about this amazing organization and what it ultimately offers veterans and our healing process.”