Divide And Conquer


January 10, 2015


We are starting 2017 with a bang! Two hunting trips in one weekend in two states! (Well actually three if you count a spur of the moment run to Texas to hunt pigs)

As we have for the last three years, we hosted a crew for what has become one of our most sought after events, the Annual Valley Park Deer Hunt in Mississippi. There is always “good fun, good folks and a good time” according to founder Dan Fordice. This event is hosted personally by Dan and his brother Hunter Fordice at their personal lodge where the concept of the Bonfire was originally inspired.  Along with the morning and afternoon hunts for both deer and duck, there is always, a bit of fun at the range!


“Helping my brothers is what’s helping me.” ~Allen Pugh, Purple Heart Veteran

Further south at Johnson Bayou in Louisiana, we had another group gathering at the Bonfire to escape the freezing temperatures up “north” but they too quickly found ice on the water and on the dogs! Hosted by our new friends Russell and Corey Badon, our Purple Heart Veterans found a warm welcome, great blinds and well trained dogs that set up the perfect environment to drop some birds. The cold weather was good for the ducks but our planned fishing trip out on the boats was a bit much with blazing winds.  Therefore, we got our hunting credentials in order and took off for some pigs in Texas!  A true “Gone to Texas” moment. 


These events, as always, are more than just a hunt or a thank you for your service, they are about camaraderie, networking and discovering the tools to promote healing. They are about laying our burdens down, taking time to honor our brothers and sisters lost in battle, and accepting that they would never want to see us suffer on their behalf.  Rather, go out and save another brother.

Many thanks to all those that support us by donating, volunteering, spreading the word and appreciating our Purple Heart Veterans.