How Charity Choice Empowers your Business Team

Social 5 Team

August 21, 2023

The opportunity to give generously to others is one many Americans take seriously. In 2022, the American people personally gave nearly $500 billion, according to data from National Philanthropic Trust. Meanwhile, American businesses gave more than $21 billion. One factor that can take giving to an even higher level is allowing employees to pick a charity to support.

In this blog post, we’ll examine four reasons why freedom of charity choice can be a great move for your organization. Whether your company actively gives or is exploring opportunities to do so, consider these benefits of inviting employees to select charities.

Reason #1: Greater joy at work

You don’t want to be treated like a robot, and neither do your employees. Each of us has hopes, dreams and causes we care about. Giving your team the opportunity to select a charity of their choice—one your organization will support through one-time or recurring contributions—creates joy. It shows your team you care about them and the issues that matter to them. It can inspire your colleagues in their work because they know a portion of that work will go to help a worthy cause.

Reason #2: Greater inclusion

Whether you have a half-dozen team members or hundreds, it’s important to make everyone feel welcome and included at work. One way to do this is by giving employees the chance to pick the charity they want to support. This avoids the risk of using a broad brush for your organization’s charitable giving. It creates autonomy and empowers employees to be strategic in selecting a charity to support. It gives each team member a voice and a platform for contributing to, and talking about, causes that matter to them.

Reason #3: Greater discussion and shared understanding

Teamwork helps your organization reach its biggest goals. Few activities are better for bringing people together than charitable giving. Be intentional about your efforts to engage team members in your giving program. Hold a formal meeting to share your charitable efforts as a company and invite colleagues to share which organization they’ve chosen and why. Give employees opportunities to share more about their values and issues they care about.

Reason #4: Greater peace of mind

One of life’s greatest questions is, “How do I make a difference?” By letting team members select a charity of their choice, you give them greater confidence and assurance. They get to help others through the overall business, and they also pursue a higher calling through charitable giving.

There are many reasons to encourage giving within your organization. Allowing employees to select a charity to support takes your giving to the next level and rewards each with joy, inclusion, shared understanding and peace of mind.

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