How Vehicles for Veterans Help Warrior Bonfire Purple Hearts

Staff Writer

March 21, 2023

Best Veteran Discount Car Rental Comparison

Every Bonfire Retreat requires us to rent a vehicle or two for transportation and in doing so we use every discount we can get! We stretch every dollar you donate because we know the value of your hard-earned dollars and we work hard to protect your generosity and support!
Our partners at Vehicles for Veterans have shared this bit of useful information with us, so it is only fitting for us to share it with you! You won’t get to rent a NASCAR but check out this informative Car Rental Comparison for Veteran Discounts article to get the best deal! But FIRST, scroll down to see how donating your vehicle can help veteran members of the Warrior Bonfire Program!

How Vehicles for Veterans Help Warrior Bonfire
Vehicles for Veterans has become our largest donor. As vehicles are donated and sold, profits are then sent to organizations like ours! So donating a car can benefit several wounded veterans across the country! In fact, Vehicles for Veterans has allowed us the ability to increase our numbers of retreats AND the number of commercial flights to take veterans on adventures they otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience! Flights are currently, by far our largest expense. Here are a few of those fun excursions for our Purple Heart members!
  • Purple Heart from Florida flown to Colorado to experience snow skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling for the first time, is truly priceless!
  • Brought a Purple Heart from Alaska to fish with professional guides on the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi!
  • Took a Texan to Boston! Saw the Red Sox versus the Yankees and surprisingly found joy in picking apples!
There are many more like these and with your help, there will be many more to come! Together we are battling the estimated 22 veterans a day losing their lives to the darkness.
“Being around other vets, it’s how we survive.” Purple Heart Sean R.
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