Introducing the Bonfire


August 4, 2014

Welcome to our first blog posting!

We have been hard at work at the Warrior Bonfire Project, organizing our organization. Crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s all while providing the service that we have all set out on a mission to do.  Right out of the gate, we began pulling together small groups of combat wounded veterans, getting them out to hunt, fish, and ski because we felt it was needed. The Bonfire was our focal point and inspiration from the get go and everything else just seemed to fall into place!

Since we started in January 2013, we have hosted several trips for both veterans and their spouses. We have hunted close to home in Mississippi, skied in Colorado, enjoyed a football game in New Orleans and much more! Our plans for the future are big and wide with the hope to become a reliable resource for those that have sacrificed for our freedoms.

Plans are in the works to organize fundraising events to regularly fund our efforts, build a permanent home base that our Bonfire alumni can come out and enjoy on a regular basis, partner with other organizations to fill needs that will directly benefit the needs of our alumni, and build programs that connect our youth to our veterans to foster pride, respect, and admiration for those that serve.  All of our plans are centered around improving the lives of our veterans that deal with daily lifelong challenges that are physical and mental.

We invite you to check back regularly, follow us, comment, give us your feedback, introduce us, support us in our efforts. If you are a combat wounded veteran or know a combat wounded veteran, please contact us.