Purple Heart Couples Retreats

WBP Staff Writer Helen Phillips

May 8, 2024

In the aftermath of combat, the wounds of war often extend beyond the physical realm, affecting the emotional and psychological well-being of our veterans and their families. For Purple Heart combat wounded couples, navigating the complexities of post-traumatic stress, physical injuries, and the strains on relationships can be incredibly challenging. Communication breakdowns, emotional distancing, and the struggle to reintegrate into civilian life are just some of the hurdles these couples face. The scars of war can manifest in various ways, impacting intimacy, trust, and the ability to effectively communicate.

Although the couples engage in therapeutic activities, group discussions, and bonding exercises designed to foster open communication, understanding, and trust, they also have fun together as this is key to happy marriage. Bonfire 188 brought in sunny weather for the beach, surf fishing, Segway tours, and beautiful sunsets. The local rotary clubs supported the group by hosting a BBQ and raised funds to cover some of the expenses.

Thank you to all those involved that made this retreat superb! Special thanks to Bob and Nancy Walsh for organizing and hosting!