Racing For Awareness

WBP Staff Writer Helen Phillips

May 8, 2024

Once again as guests of Big Machine Racing, Our Motorsports, and World of Outlaws Late Models, we were offered some incredible experiences with VIP access to secure locations, driver introductions, honorary name and logo decals on cars, and lots of swag. The hospitality was overwhelming and with new connections this event will become even more comfortable for our members with police escorts and less crowded ground transportation.

The idea that spending time at a NASCAR race weekend at Talladega Superspeedway and Dirt Track with thousands of people potentially acting badly could be therapeutic doesn’t really make sense, but we have witnessed it firsthand! Surprisingly the environment provides opportunities for bonding and connection as well as being able to work through anxiety tendencies while being among those that can recognize signs and assist if needed. Our access places us in areas that have less crowds with no alcohol, therefore startling and uncontrolled outbursts around the group are less likely to happen. The group is focused on staying together and supporting each other, their trust grows which in turn helps to calibrate the brain to being less anxious in crowds.

Take a moment to step into our time at the Talladega Dirt Track and hear directly from our participants!