Suicidal Stigma Can Be Crushed


February 20, 2018


USMC RETIRED Isaac McCorkle recently attended one of our events, and like many of our Veterans is passionate about helping his brothers and sisters combat Veteran suicide. He wrote the following to those that he met through the Warrior Bonfire Program and allowed us to share. The hope is that the message finds its’ way to fellow Veteran that needs to hear it.

Suicidal ideation at times are normal human reactive thought processes. Having these thoughts is a reactionary thought process driven by our present disposition and the conditions in our environment.

It is a human problem and anyone in the right or wrong circumstances will develop these symptomatic thoughts.

We have all felt fear, anger, hurt, sorrow, passion, excitement, despair, pain, anguish, loss, but these emotionally based reactive thought processes are temporary if we take the appropriate counter measures. 

If we allow fear to go unaddressed, anger to boil unreleased, resentment to fester, we do not avoid the symptoms but live among them and are controlled by them.

When we talk about our fears and tribulations we realize that we are not alone. When we take a chance and push past stigmas and conventions we are able to recognize our vulnerability our humanity.

There is nothing wrong with being angry or afraid. It is when emotions go unaddressed that they cause unmanageable symptoms. Only when we voice our fears can we develop appropriate counter measures to address our vulnerabilities.

Understand, that these thoughts are products of our environment, experience sets, and are the normal products of our cognitive sentient thought processes.

When we understand that these thoughts are simply normal and we address the issue, we can help mitigate the harshness of the emotions that cause the symptom.

In our own minds and in society we have to dispel the unwarranted stigma that pervades this issue. By talking about this issue we can educate people as to the normal emotional thought processes and stressors that lead to suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

As long as the stigma continues to cause this issue to remain largely misunderstood or unaddressed, we will continue to suffer the symptoms of socially driven emotional obfuscation…

Unattended issues often lead to uncontrollable consequences…

Talk to each other. Crush the unwarranted stigma that is causing so much unnecessary loss of love and talent.
Stronger Together!
Semper Fi!
Isaac McCorkle
Combat Wounded