The Trap of Veteran Isolation & Self-Medication


September 29, 2017


​Escaping “The Trap” is what we do at the Bonfire and our last trip highlighted that this is an answer to the growing problem.  Kentucky is officially now, an annual Bonfire destination! This trip provided the perfect mix of activities from sailing, fishing, sporting clays, boating and swimming with much needed down time and relaxation.  Sometimes our events can be a bit rigorous with a tight itinerary to keep our Purple Hearts moving but we are finding the trips that allow for more time to chill and talk, while in the outdoors, are most beneficial trips. Board of Director member Lloyd Munn, who assisted on this event when asked of his experience stated strongly and with conviction, “this is the REAL deal!”


​​​The common theme here was the conversation of how to keep combat injured veterans from withdrawing and being alone.  As Purple Heart David Connelly stated, “guys isolating themselves is never safe.”   Very often on these trips we hear comments such as, “getting all up in your head is a trap” or “I just sit in my workshop and only come out to eat”.  This is why we do what we do at the Warrior Bonfire Program; we give them the opportunity, at no cost and little effort, to get out of these dark places. We show the example of how to physically get moving, we give them the connections to call each other and go!  It is our goal that over time, these men and women will find strength in this practice and take it home to their families, fellow veterans, and communities.

Another area of discussion and that our participants feel the need of more attention, is that more and more we are learning that Veterans are choosing to self-medicate rather than risk going to the VA’s and being prescribed medication that have the zombie like side effects. Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol coupled with isolation is incredibly dangerous.  As the suicide rate among veterans continues to be higher than any other demographic, we need to focus on solutions.


The Warrior Bonfire Program believes that solution is exactly doing what we do.  Showing the example to get out, be a part of a community, go new places, try new things, be around peers that will tell you and set an expectation to be better, make better choices, be healthier and choose living large rather than living lonely.   The network of the Brotherhood is out there.

​We thank all those of the Grand Rivers, KY community for their support and generosity by providing fishing, sailing, live music entertainment and their “unbridled spirit!”
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