Unexpected Reunion at the Bonfire


December 15, 2017

The Military community is truly a small world. Even though 2% of the population of the United States can be a large number of people, service members can easily find themselves in conversations that quickly create familiarity.


  • When did you serve?
  • Where did you serve?
  • Hey, I was there too, do you remember a guy named…?

These are the questions that come up quickly and instantly it’s like these people have known each other their entire lives! These connections make our bonfire events fun and meaningful, but the real doozy, are the times when two service members actually reconnect with an old battle buddy that they lost contact information. This happens far less this day in time due to technology and social media, but it does happen.

​On our last Bonfire event at Featherhorn Farm in Pinewood, South Carolina, this very situation occurred. Our group was being hosted at this location at the same time as two other veteran care organizations serving Purple Hearts. Our Warrior Bonfire Ambassador / Bonfire Leader Tim Bell has never sounded so excited after an event as he did this one. Bell ran into a battle buddy from his time in Fallujah around the time he was injured. “Being able to connect again was really cool and big surprise” Bell said. His emotion can’t fully be reflected in print, but his voice said it all.


​Once again we see proof of good life changing things come from putting these events together! The entire group of Purple Heart Veterans came away from this hunt feeling connected and most of all appreciated for their service and sacrifice. Our new partners at Featherhorn Farm, along with owner Jimmy Lee and hunt organizer Chad Ardis, made this happen. Their top notch experience and service to our group couldn’t have been better! We are excited to announce that plans are in the works to make this an annual event and look forward to a great partnership!

Check out our photos from this event! South Carolina Bonfire