Volunteer Spotlight


March 12, 2019


Warrior Bonfire Volunteer – John Heggins
Five years in a row Vicksburg, Mississippi’s, Warren County Constable John Heggins has supported and organized one of our largest annual fundraisers, the Warrior Bonfire Program Annual Charity Clay Shoot in Mississippi. Every year he has worked tirelessly to find sponsors, corporate teams, volunteers and in kind donations, all with the goal of bringing in as many dollars as possible to serve our Purple Heart Veterans.Years ago John saw an opportunity to bring together a multitude of his friends that were separated among competing sporting clay shoot clubs, these friends didn’t always see eye to eye so he pulled them together by getting them to work together on our sporting clay shoot fundraiser. His message to them was, “do the right thing and come together for a great cause and support our veterans that have sacrificed for us.” Through this message of unity this sporting clay shoot has become one of the largest in the state of Mississippi! During this time he has tweaked and refined the shoot to be more successful every year. The mantra is always to make more, spend less and put on a fun shoot that all levels of participants can get behind.

Along with John, our organizers for this year are Leigh Ann Vanlandingham, Sally Sheffield, and Lesa Wilson, with the help and assistance from Turcotte Shooting Range where the shoot will take place on April 13th in Canton, MS. There are many great people involved in support this team of organizers and we thank all of them for their work and support! To be a part of the extraordinary day as a participant, volunteer or sponsor visit our website event page at