Warrior Bonfire Now Member of the R4 Alliance


December 11, 2015


On December 3rd, The Warrior Bonfire Program was welcomed as the newest member of the R4 Alliance. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this incredible organization.  This is an organization whose mission is to leverage combined resources and networks to ensure the Economic Viability of R4 members through corporate sponsorship, grants, and collective fundraising initiatives. It’s members consist solely of organizations that serve our Military Families. Currently there are 63 member organizations that all have gone through an extensive review and have been determined to meet the high standards of excellence set forth by R4 Alliance and it’s board. 


As a member, the Warrior Bonfire Program is exposed to a wealth of knowledge and support from the alliance and it’s members. This partnership allows us to learn from the best grass roots organizations serving America’s finest and their families.  Tools and best practices are presented and shared regularly to help us offer superb customer service to our Bonfire members. Collaboration of data collected among all participating organizations allows our small voice to become a larger and louder voice to effect change for our veterans on a larger stage.

Most importantly, being part of this amazing group of Veteran Serving Organizations, we now have a network of a variety of services that we can offer the veterans that come through the Warrior Bonfire Program. Often, we are presented with a need that unfortunately we may not have the ability provide an answer. Being in the R4 Alliance gives us a tool to provide a quick connection for our veterans in need to a group of people that we trust. These members believe that all that matters is that the veterans get what they need, it is not about competing with each other, it’s about helping each other succeed.

R4 Alliance Convention 2015