Beyond The Bonfire

It is what happens after the retreat and fully encompasses the three main objectives of the program. Foster Healing - Transform Lives - Build Support Communities

Beyond The Bonfire

This is where Post Traumatic Growth goes into action on a greater scale. Targeted resources are launched, long-lasting connections are established, and a newfound purpose takes shape, after participating in Bonfire Retreats. Continue scrolling to see how this works!

Targeted Community Connections

The Operations Team at Warrior Bonfire works directly with individuals identified on Bonfire Retreats needing additional targeted support. This may be finding a more intense program to work with addictions, PTSD, TBI's, or overall physical, mental, and wellness improvements. Our team helps our members to become a more integrated part of their daily community by making a direct connection to area organizations or resources on behalf of the veteran to ensure continued service, support, or encouragement is provided.

Give Back Volunteer Work Program

These are members who have attended a Bonfire Retreat and have an interest in giving back. Opportunities include being ambassadors, establishing partner resources, locating more Purple Hearts, and providing peer-to-peer support for Veterans in Crisis. Members also participate in work weekends to improve properties of past donated retreat locations or volunteer time on the Operations Team for the Warrior Bonfire Program. Giving to others is a true indicator that the healing process is on a positive track.

Bonfire Leaders

Purple Hearts members who have gone through the program and have exhibited a desire to want to help their brothers and sisters. They attend a Bonfire Leader Retreat to be trained on how to carry out the duties of a Bonfire Retreat and how to handle a veteran in crisis. Here they also commit to enforcing safety protocols and being a good example for others.