WBP Financials

We are committed to providing quality services while responsibly using funds entrusted to the organization. We pledge that a minimum of 89% of total funds will always go directly to programs and services.


Your Dollars At Work

Financial responsibility is always our priority next to providing safe and secure environments for those we serve. We understand that our donors' money has been hard earned and we have been specifically chosen to be good stewards of those dollars. Our team works diligently to find discounts or in kind donations for administrative services, meals, transportation, lodging, and activities. We utilize reward points where possible and regularly partner with other nonprofits to provide services allowing more savings. We eliminate unnecessary spending but maintain quality and comfortable settings for our Purple Heart members.

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Minimal Overhead

Our paid staff is a team of four. All virtual with zero brick and mortar costs. We utilize volunteers to assist with providing services.

2023 Annual Report & Impact

Focused Spending

Funds are spent on necessities. Our retreats are experience focused and not on extravagant meals, flight seating, lodging, or prizes.

Form 990 FY 2023

Hosted Fundraisers

Our fundraisers are fully funded by corporate sponsors or hosted by outside entities or groups with minimal costs to Warrior Bonfire.

Audited Financials FY 2023