Bonfire #139

Warfighter Scuba Bonfire

August 18 - 23rd, 2022

Ottawa, OH

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Want to learn to scuba dive and get certified?!

In partnership with Warfighter Scuba, we will be diving in Gilboa Quarry in Ottawa, Ohio! You will also learn the benefits of diving as it relates to TBI’s and PTSD. How better to learn than to do it with 5 other Purple Hearts who have experienced similar challenges!?

New to diving make the best students! Don’t be shy!

This event will require all participants to have a  medical questionnaire filled out and signed by a physician. This is a requirement of every certifying agency of the SSI (Scuba Schools International).  If needed Warfighter Scuba can help you work with Divers Alert Network to connect you with medical providers that specialize in dive medicine that can answer just about any medical question you may have. 

This event is open 6 Purple Hearts. Prior to placement, an interview will take place to make certain you have a full understanding of the requirements. Do not purchase equipment prior to the event. Lodging, travel, food, and activities are all included. Event dates include travel days. 

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COVID Disclaimer: In an effort to reduce the risk of spreading COVID, WBP requests that attendees make best effort to limit exposure to possible threats for 14 days prior to the event. Travel for a Bonfire Retreat involves risk of COVID and responsibility is solely on the attending participants.