Bonfire #114

Wisconsin Adventures

August 22 - 26th, 2021

St. Croix Falls, WI

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Wisconsin in August will be perfect to experience walking hikes, canoeing, a ride on the North Shore Railroad on Lake Superior, an equine training session, and a multitude of activities from the cabin on the lake!

This environment will offer optimum time with 5 other Purple Hearts experiencing some of the greatness that America has to offer!

This event is open to 6 Purple Hearts – Lodging, travel, food, and activities are at no expense to the warrior – Event dates include travel days – Request to Attend Below

(Note – Event # and activities are subject to change until closer to date.)

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COVID Disclaimer: In an effort to reduce the risk of spreading COVID, WBP requests that attendees make best effort to limit exposure to possible threats for 14 days prior to the event. Travel for a Bonfire Retreat involves risk of COVID and responsibility is solely on the attending participants.