At the Bonfire Blog

Good to See the America We Fought For

​When offered the trip to St George, South Dakota, I wondered what exactly a cattle ranch could offer me. Growing up in Texas, I wasn’t new to horses and cattle, so this wasn’t something new or novel for me. This was my first trip of any sort for veterans, much less wounded ones, and my mind conjured up a myriad of events that might take place.

Instant Indescribable Bond

​At every Bonfire retreat the same thing occurs in the beginning, the six attending veterans are introduced as they arrive, they begin to ask the typical questions, what branch, where did you serve, where were you deployed, what was your MOS and did you know so and so?

Unexpected Honor on D Day

With a set of clean unused scissors and a group a volunteers of the Warrior Bonfire Program, dozens of American Flags were prepared and stored for upcoming Bonfire American Flag Retirement Ceremonies.

Memorial Day with Combat Veterans

​Every time we bring together civilian volunteers and our Purple Heart Veterans, the gap between the two groups is lessened tremendously, however, this gap is often not as huge as many Veterans may think.

On a Mission for Peace

Up with the sun on the Atlantic coast for a day out on the water offshore fishing. Nothing could be better for six combat wounded veterans to breathe and find a pinch of peace . Captain Rick Sabarese and his son Jason on Brian’s Song, a 50 foot Lydia, provided an opportunity of a simulated mission to conquer the sea in quest of the big one.

Volunteer Spotlight

Warrior Bonfire Volunteer - John Heggins Five years in a row Vicksburg, Mississippi's, Warren County Constable John Heggins has supported and organized one of our largest annual fundraisers, the Warrior Bonfire Program Annual Charity Clay Shoot in Mississippi. Every year he has worked tirelessly to find sponsors, corporate teams, volunteers and in kind donations, all with the goal of bringing in as many dollars as possible to serve our Purple Heart Veterans.