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Volunteer Spotlight

Warrior Bonfire Volunteer - John Heggins Five years in a row Vicksburg, Mississippi's, Warren County Constable John Heggins has supported and organized one of our largest annual fundraisers, the Warrior Bonfire Program Annual Charity Clay Shoot in Mississippi. Every year he has worked tirelessly to find sponsors, corporate teams, volunteers and in kind donations, all with the goal of bringing in as many dollars as possible to serve our Purple Heart Veterans.

How Veteran Care Organizations Serve More by Working Together

Partnering with other Veteran Care Organizations just makes sense! Each entity bringing their resources to the table stretches the hard earned dollars that our donors and sponsors have given us, much further. When the other organization we are working with makes the statement that "it's all about the Veterans," we know we have a partner we can trust. Over the years there have been many, but there are a few that work with us on an ongoing basis.

The Empty Chair is the Struggle

“Keep moving forward, keep moving forward” is the mantra for many of our Veterans who are experiencing the loss and reminders of their fallen brothers and sisters. Daily they search to find ways to fill the void of the empty chair all while managing the burden of reasoning and understanding of the outcomes of those horrific fateful days when they watched their friend die before their eyes.

The Rush of Life Must Be Replaced

​“It seems I was just walking through life one day at a time missing the rush of life I use to have before I was injured. It felt so good to be around veterans who have been there and have moved to something better." This is a quote from Purple Heart Stephen Blair who attended our recent Pig Hunt Bonfire in Warren, Texas all the way from Alaska!

Valley Park Plantation Founders Hunt

Our founders hunt at Valley Park Plantation occurs just one time a year. It is our premier hunt and the opportunity for our Purple Heart members to have one on one time with our founders Dan and Hunter Fordice.

Somebody Always Understands

If you have ever had a true traumatic experience that you believe in your heart of hearts is unique to you and there is no one on the planet that can understand or relate, well then this story is for you, to show you that you are way wrong!