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Purpose Through Survival

For many of the veterans we serve, the conversation is about the struggle of identifying their new purpose. They were born to be warriors. They signed up to be warriors. They fought will all their might, were good at their job and could see clearly that their purpose was to protect their brothers, fight against evil and protect their homeland, families, and friends. They fought for freedom, the stars, and the stripes. Now that's all changed and understanding the fact they survived is a fulfilling purpose in itself.      

Sometimes the Smallest Conversations Create the Biggest Impact

Two combat-injured veterans, sitting in a box stand roughly 6 feet by 4 feet, 15 feet off the ground in the middle of a quiet field surrounded by tree lines in the distance. They quietly watch the sunrise and listen to the world of nature wake up around them and they feel the excitement of being alive and enjoying life around them. “You know one time I remember on lookout while in Iraq…” and in a whispering voice the memories are shared.

New Year New Me!

New Year, new me is easier said than done, especially for a combat-wounded veteran. No matter what, we are in this together, linked arm in arm. We are each other's life ring. In order to make and succeed at New Year Resolutions, we sometimes need others guiding the way.